Naxa Digital consists of a team with years of experience in not only the Pronto Xi platform, but also other products from Pronto Software.

Pronto Consulting

Pronto Xi is one of Australia’s leading ERP systems currently on the market. Our unique and deep understanding of the software, its components and its compliments place Naxa in a unique position to help consult, advise and implement Pronto Xi in any sized business.

Pronto Integration

Naxa Digital has a long successful history with Pronto; we have successfully integrated Pronto with Magento, WordPress, Drupal and even into custom applications. With this knowledge, Naxa has become the leading technical solution provider for integrations with Pronto.

Magento – Pronto Integration Extension

Naxa Digital has recently undertaken a project to create a Pronto to Magento extensions that will seamlessly integrate the two platforms to synchronise products, customers and orders. Watch out for our Pronto Integration Extension on the Magento Marketplace, coming soon!

Naxa Digital consists of a dedicated talented team of designers, suited for a multitude of design requirements including Branding, Graphic & Responsive Web Design with a focus on user experience.

Our very coveted Digital Strategy has helped over 100 businesses either enter the online market, improve their digital presence and performance, identify new opportunities, digitally transform their existing business and much more.

Naxa Digital is an Oracle Cloud Gold Partner, whom provide reliable & affordable hosting services. We host Magento, Intershop and WordPress; we also provide hosting for proprietary Oracle Products.