Pronto Xi is a leading ERP in the current B2B market. Magento is a leading eCommerce platform tailored to B2C and B2B business looking at helming their online store themselves.

Here at Naxa Digital, we are experts in both Pronto and Magento; upon hearing many merchants having distinct trouble in connecting their online store to their Pronto instance, we decided to construct an intergation between the two platforms.

Our experience with Pronto

Our success with integrating Pronto with Magento comes from our unique history and position with Pronto Software. Our senior management team have utilised Pronto for over 15 years within various successful businesses operating across multiple sites, entities and industries.

Over time this has not only allowed Naxa to obtain an intricate understanding of how the Pronto software operates but also how it can benefit a business.

This experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop an out of the box Magento solution that fits with Pronto.

Our experience with Magento

We have been working with Magento for over a decade and have worked on over 100 Magento stores throughout those years.

Experience ranging from start-up to enterprise, across many industries and countries, our experience with Magento provides us with a complete and detailed understanding of the platform.

The extension

The integration allows the synchronisation of products, including varying pricing & inventory sources. It allows for the synchronisation of both B2C & B2B customers and of course the synchronisation of sales orders.

Our integration goes another step further and now supports Click & Collect!

We are happy to customise the integration to suite your needs, to find out more, please contact us below: