Every digital agency can and will attempt to develop a custom Pronto integration for whichever web platform they are partnered with, generally with mixed success. There are no issues with the the intent, however typically the integration between Magento and Pronto is fairly bespoke with complications & limitations generally arising from the lack of understanding of both realistic requirements and of the Pronto ERP system. Pronto is large, scale-able and when configured correctly with good direction, enormously powerful.

At Naxa Digital, our success with integrating Pronto with Magento comes from our unique history and position with Pronto Software. Our senior management team have utilised Pronto for over 15 years within various successful retail trade businesses operating across multiple sites and entities. Over time this has not only allowed Naxa to obtain an intricate understanding of how the Pronto software operates but also how it can benefit a business. This experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop an out of the box Magento solution that fits with Pronto.

Our Magento – Pronto extension has the ability to integrate seamlessly without the need to customise the integration to support both B2C and B2B customers. The integration connects to Pronto through Pronto’s API suite introduced in the 730.1 release and is founded on the three primary facets essential to online trading, these being; inventory, sales and debtors in Pronto language. 

The integration allows the synchronisation of products, including varying pricing & inventory sources. It allows for the synchronisation of both B2C & B2B customers and of course the synchronisation of sales orders.

Our integration goes another step further and now supports Click & Collect!

With our technology pushing us ever closer to an age of omni-channel experiences, it can no longer be assumed that customers are acquired and relegated to just one service/touch point/product etc. Our integration allows customers to see their information in real time, including latest orders, and allows customers to migrate between online & offline seamlessly, which in this day, is a given, not a nicety.

If your organisation is currently utilising or planning to utilise Pronto as its ERP platform, then it is safe to assume that your company has outgrown the capabilities of single-company ERPs and have decided to invest in something more powerful and robust. Choosing the wrong integration will more than significantly reduce the capabilities and performance of Pronto; However Naxa Digital has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the integration can be implemented in a correct, optimised & timely manner.

Feel free to reach out for a quick conversation to see how Naxa Digital can assist in a true digital transformation of your business.