Pronto Integration for Magento 2

Version: 1.0.0
Supported Versions: (CE) 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Pronto is a leading ERP for many businesses across the world. Naxa Digital have created a Magento 2 extension that integrates Pronto and Magento, which allows merchants to easily synchronise products, orders and customers. Including a Click & Collect module allowing easy reconciliation to the correct stores in Pronto.

■ Create, upload and dynamically disable products

■ Two-way synchronisation to create & update customers

■ Send and update orders to and from Magento

■ Click & Collect module available


The Pronto Integration module, created by Naxa Digital, is an integration between the Pronto ERP and Magento. The purpose is to provide an integration that covers the three main facets of online trading: products, customers and orders. With the main functions, the extension also comes with an optional Click & Collect module.


This extension for Magento 2 provides merchants with the ability to create, update and disable products simply and conveniently, directly through the module. Broken down into a number of individual functions, this module allows merchants to synchronise product data, price and stock individually, without adding strain on performance and resources. Products can be synchronised through a number of filters available.


This module provides a two-way synchronisation that allows merchants to synchronise customers to and from Pronto ERP. Utilising filters available, merchants can bulk synchronise multiple customers. Orders will also automatically reconcile against the correct customer in Pronto to ensure your online and offline stay in-sync.


Synchronise orders from Magento to Pronto ERP with this module for Magento 2. Orders can be synchronised singularly or in bulk, with filters to help reduce human error. A flag is associated with each order to advise if the order has been synchronised already. This two-way synchronisation also updates order in Magento that have been completed in Pronto. Orders are accurately associated with the correct payment method and customer to ensure your data is unified across online and offline.

Click & Collect

The Click & Collect module utilises Magento’s native Stock Management, it allows easy reconciliation to the correct stores in Pronto. This module allows customers to choose which store to select on checkout, based off state selection, then reconcile this to the correct store in Pronto.