Connect your Pronto software to Magento in hours not months!

The Naxa Magento 2 extension has been developed with a core focus on meeting the expectations and the requirements of your whole organization, not just the marketing or fulfillment team.

Our Magento extension has been designed in a way that allows the user to configure the extension to seamlessly integrate Magento 2 into Pronto and vice versa.

The Naxa solution will connect directly to the Pronto eCommerce API suite delivering:

Product Synchronisation: This includes creating and updating your product catalog in Magento based on your data in Pronto. This includes the ability to include or exclude based on group or condition codes.

The extension also performs synchronisation of prices based on region or type. This allows products to be bulk updated when required. This also extends to stock and warehouses.

Our extension tracks individual quantities of a product per warehouse. This drives our Click & Collect function to work seamlessly and ensures fulfillment is easy and efficient.

Order Synchronisation: This includes sending newly created orders placed online to Pronto; and further to that will update orders in Magento to match their respective Pronto updates.

This is a two-way integration which includes differentiating orders based on the payment type, so they are filed correctly in Pronto. The extension also supports Click & Collect so that web orders are sent to the correct store automatically. Orders are also updated in Magento once the order is shipped in Pronto.

Customer Synchronisation: Our customer synchronisation functionality can easily bring your customer data across from Pronto to Magento. When synchronising an order or a new customer, our extension will create a new customer in Pronto, if the customer is not found. This ensures accurate tracking of your customers across your business, both online & offline.

All of the above functionality is provided with the extension; once configured, the integration should cover 99% of all retail or B2C transactions, making for a seamless omni-channel experience for retail customers. All delivered in hours.

Naxas’ expertise is not just limited to Magento or Magento solutions. Our expertise expands further, having become experts in Pronto over the years, Naxa are in a unique position to provide excellent assistance in getting the best out of both softwares.

Naxa Digital boasts an incredible 10+ years working with Magento and 15+ years working with Pronto.

To find out more about our extension, call us to get in touch!