Magento 2.4 has officially been released and it comes jam packed with new features, functions and plethora of changes.


The 2.4 release has changed some aspects of Magento that merchants will feel immediately after install/upgrade. Below we have spotlighted a number of important changes:

SPOTLIGHT: Search Functionality

Elasticsearch 7.6 is now the default search engine in use for Magento. Previously the platform support mysqld as a search engine, even though Magento always recommended Elasticsearch. it is not until now that they are forcing merchants to use the software. You cannot install or upgrade to Magento 2.4 without also installing Elasticsearch 7.6.


Magento 2 introduced two-factor authentication for extra security to the admin area, allowing merchants a secure way to login from any device. With the 2.4 release, this feature is now mandatory and cannot be disabled.

SPOTLIGHT: Technology

As with any major release of a particular platform, especially a robust system such as Magento, there are always changes to support technologies. With the latest release, here is a list of technology changes to the platform:

  • PHP 7.4 is now supported
  • PHP 7.1 & 7.2 have been deprecated
  • MySQL 8.0 is now supported with release 2.4 ONLY. Release 2.4 also supports MySQL 5.7 however NOT MySQL 5.6.
  • MariaDB 10.4 is now supported
  • Authorize.Net has been removed
  • Braintree has been removed
  • Signifyd has been removed
  • Redis has been further optimised

SPOTLIGHT: Seller-Assisted Shopping

This is a new feature, built off a community-developed extension, which allows merchants to view the customer’s storefront and on behalf of their customers have the ability to place orders.

SPOTLIGHT: Adobe Stock Integration

The latest version of this platform has seen Adobe integrate their very own stock image service Adobe Stock. this allows merchants to find stock images quickly and use them on the site with just a number of clicks, severely lowering the number of steps required.

SPOTLIGHT: NEW Media Gallery

The new media gallery offers a new interface that allows merchants to search, filter and easily sort images many times faster than previous versions.


Now that 2.4 has been released, alot of merchants will be eager and at the same time hesitant to update to the lastest version, however we recommend sooner rather than later. If you are interesting in upgrading your Magento store to 2.4, contact us below.