Magento 1 is now no longer supported by Magento, the time to upgrade to Magento 2 is now!

Magento 1, whose end of life is dated 30th June 2020, will no longer receive updates, security patches nor any official support.

What that means for you

Now that your platform is no longer supported, your online store will become increasingly vulnerable to security threats such as hacks and malware. The never-ending threat of hackers or bots injecting malware and other nasties will increase even further now.

Without official support your store now it is no longer PCI compliant, hence your payment provider may no longer provide their services.

Magento 1 extensions are also no longer being updated or supported, with most merchants having moved on to developing Magento 2 extensions. Any critical extensions, typically to third-party services, will eventually stop working causing major disruption to your business.

The path forward

Now you have a decision to make, you can either re-platform or you can migrate to Magento 2.

Re-platforming is often a long and audacious process, however it may be exactly what your business needs by allowing you evaluate exactly what you need and what you want out of your eCommerce platform. Other platforms such as Shopify are popular alternatives to Magento, removing the need for a hosting service and ensuring stability and performance.

Migrating to Magento 2 will be what most merchants will choose.

Most merchants will find themselves in familiar territory with majority of functionality operating in the same way it did in Magento 1. However do not let that fool you, it’s an entirely new platform, rewritten from the ground up. In order to succeed, you should approach the migration as if you are building a new store from the ground up. Take this opportunity to completely review your site, times like these create perfect opportunities to clean up and remove obsolete data and even redesign your store.

Our experience

Here at Naxa we have worked on the Magento platform for over a decade; having migrated countless stores to Magento 2, we are the experts you need. We believe every migration or re-platform needs to begin with a plan to evaluate the needs and wants of the business and convert that into actionable deliverables that gets you on Magento 2 quickly, accurately and with the least amount of disruption.

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