If a software integration supplier was to state they could connect a running instance of Magento M2 with the Pronto ERP Ecommerce suite of API’s in a matter of hours and have it fully operational for B2C transactions and meet the expectations the inventory management team, accounts dept and the retail needs of customers it would be dismissed as nonsense. Trust us we know.

At Naxa digital we recognized the challenge of this issue recognizing that customer wanted either a choice of ecommerce platforms to operate on or that a number of Pronto users had heavy investments in Magento infrastructures. There are two very distinct customer profile splits here with very different journeys.

This first type of customer mentioned will typically have long drawn out process of deciding on what platform is going to serve the needs of business and customers. Over the years we have seen and a number of platforms rise in popularity and slowly drift away as the market moves on with the ever-increasing needs of the digital frontier. Magento has stood the test of time both keeping up and delivering. Magento M2 is also a very natural selection of product as it reflects the software management principle most Pronto users are accustomed to. This is why we have spent so much time in developing the Pronto to Magento Extension. Unfortunately, there are far to many digital agencies out in the digital marketing space that will happily take a significant final reward for themselves and not actually deliver anything more that frustration, compromise and more promises.

The second set of customers either have recognized over time that Magento M2 was a very flexible functional ecommerce platform that in the right hands will perform exceptionally well and continue to operate businesses either without integration or a very limited quite often clunky Magento integration with Pronto. This can limit the effectiveness of the business’s ecommerce performance or at worst complete lack of functionally like seamless click and collect making the retail customers avoid entirely the organization in the digital space.

Both of the above till now are very common stories and for most frustrating for both business and customers alike. This is where Naxa Digitals Pronto-Magento Extension comes into its own accommodating the following needs of our customers.

  • Genuine Magento Extension not just a series of customization’s of core code.
  • Deploy-able in minutes
  • Developed and Directed by a Pronto customer with over 15 years experience administering a Pronto instance.
  • Developed considering retail, accounting and user experience
  • Developed knowing the challenges of both Pronto and Magneto Platforms
  • We can offer advice or direct interaction with your Pronto system to best take advantage of the software immediately. *

To find out more call or Pronto Magento M2 integrations expert directly on 02 8330 1501