Naxa Digital is an Oracle Cloud Gold Partner, whom provide reliable & affordable hosting services. We host Magento, Intershop and WordPress; we also provide hosting for proprietary Oracle Products.

Magento Hosting

Working with Magento for over a decade, our team of hosting specialists, together with our team of certified Magento developers, provide a level of Magento hosting services not seen elsewhere. Performance optimisation and security are the two largest aspects of hosting a Magento store.

WordPress Hosting

While WordPress is essentially ‘light-weight’, poorly coded WordPress sites can cause significant performance issues. While being one of the largest web platforms in the world, security is always a concern, you will be in good hands here at Naxa Digital.

Intershop Hosting

Intershop is a ‘beast’ when it comes to platforms. A B2B focused platform, rich with functionality and scalability needs to have the best support behind it. Host with us and get your Oracle Database Standard license included in your hosting cost!

Naxa Digital consists of a dedicated talented team of designers, suited for a multitude of design requirements including Branding, Graphic & Responsive Web Design with a focus on user experience.

Our very coveted Digital Strategy has helped over 100 businesses either enter the online market, improve their digital presence and performance, identify new opportunities, digitally transform their existing business and much more.

Naxa Digital is an full service digital agency that provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) services to help businesses grow their reach, traffic and ultimately conversions.