Digital Strategy

Naxa Digital is a full  service digital agency that provides Digital Strategy services to provide in-depth evaluations on your online business with the objective to provide insights and actionable solutions.

eCommerce Strategy

eCommerce strategy is a very involved processes that begins with understanding your industry, your brand and competitors. We outline objectives and your various customer persona’s; which allows us to strategize to fit your audience.

B2C Strategy

Our team of strategist and specialists have strong proven experience in the B2C eCommerce field. Our team’s ingenuity to conceive ideas, research & produce concepts and the go-to market puts you ahead of your competition.

B2B Strategy

Through our team of B2B eCommerce specialists, we will find you the right strategy to take your business to the next level. Leveraging the latest technologies and thinking outside the box allows us to put you ahead of the game.

Nine Brands, Nine Sites, One Platform

Entire Travel Group

Go-To Market Strategy (GTM)

Some businesses start on a slow burn and take time to grow while other businesses need a comprehensive strategy to hit the market with the biggest impact. Our expertise will ensure your go-to market strategy is sound and tailored to the direction best for your business.

Strategy Audits

It is one thing to put a plan together; it is another to put a plan together that will show results and provide a return. We audit existing strategies to find shortcomings, under-performing initiatives and innovative ways to expand your roadmap.

Naxa Digital is an full service digital agency that provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) services to help businesses grow their reach, traffic and ultimately conversions.

Naxa Digital consists of a dedicated talented team of designers, suited for a multitude of design requirements including Branding, Graphic & Responsive Web Design with a focus on user experience.

Naxa Digital is an Oracle Cloud Gold Partner, whom provide reliable & affordable hosting services. We host Magento, Intershop and WordPress; we also provide hosting for proprietary Oracle Products.