"Naxa Digital, not just another digital agency making websites and bleeding client bank accounts"

Bold statement we know, but we live everyday in a market full of bold statements and false hope.

If these first two lines have struck a chord with you and your attention has been held longer than the majority of your fleeting customers, then what has lead you here, is to at least look for an alternative to just spending money with agencies that lie and typically overstate their capabilities.

Your a business owner, perhaps a passionate entrepreneur… regardless, time is precious.

Time is money.

It is a saying we have all heard before, however in todays digital eCommerce ecosystem, it is more prevalent than ever. We understand the time wastage that can occur during the ‘sales’ process of choosing a new agency; when the agency provides the pretext of ‘understanding your business’, this is nothing more than salesmanship, those looking for that opportunity to execute a sale.

Our Differences

Here at Naxa Digital, we separate ourselves from other digital agencies through the unique experiences of its senior management, which includes owning, managing and growing a number of retail businesses across Australia and the USA.

We have acquired decades of knowledge in leading systems and platforms such as Magento, Pronto and Shopify. Coupled with the countless industries we have been involved in such as supplements & nutrition, green energy, apparel and power tools; we offer our clientele proven pathways to a successful business.

“Business is simple, people make it complicated.”

A simple statement that resonates with all types of businesses, including digital agencies. Generating financial revenue from online trading is normally viewed as technically challenging, confusing and an ever changing troublesome space where many businesses seem to make significant investment resulting in little to no financial return. Many agencies promise a revolution within your business; this is rarely the case. This is not conducted with intent from either the client or the agency but is simply the result of how the digital industry typically operates.

Our Services

Our greatest strength comes from the ability to merge our digital knowledge with our offline expertise. Deeply knowledgable in the Pronto ERP and various eCommmerce platforms such as Magento, we offer our clientel a digital service which wholey compliments their business through understanding, knowledge and experience.

Having built many websites throughout our history, we have streamlined the process to help get you online faster without sacrificing quality or performance. Recently we took an interest in optimisation and performance to better identify problem areas within Magento and websites as a whole, we acquired a number of interesting findings, where once evaluated, concluded in increasing eCommerce conversion rate by over 2%! Safe to say the client is happy!

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