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About Stateside Sports

Launched in April 2018, Stateside Sports required a new website for their push into the Australian US sports apparel marketplace. Providing eCommerce capabilities for sales of assorted apparel from leading teams from MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA in the US market, the website provides a carefully designed user experience to attract and engage customers towards check out and conversion.

The website has been built on the Magento 2 platform.

Naxa digital has performed various integrations, including integrations into Afterpay and the Apparel 21 ERP. Our custom AP21 ERP integration demonstrates our ability to ensure that the client can reduce downtime with management of most product catalogue data and orders from the ERP with these synchronised to & from the Magento platform.

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Stateside Sports utilises majority of Naxa's services with a strong focus on responsive and timely support, lean design and continuous digital strategy which is integral for the continued success of this new venture.

Naxa also hosts Stateside Sports on our Oracle Cloud infrastructure with great performance and stability while also offering the new venture a cost saving.

About Stateside Sports

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Stateside Sports is a new venture in a market that is essentially non-existent in Australia, hence a lot of the focus was on the Go-To Market strategy and customer service. A focus on the user experience was paramount, with our creation of user personas, we were able to empathise with their potential customers to help build the most effective user flows.

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